Author Visits

Z.F. Kingbolt is available for author visits! Since there are nine of us (read About us), we’re sure to be able to accommodate your needs. Just contact us with your requirements and we’ll send someone to see you! Pick from one of the options below!

Author Talk

1 hr

Into Tordon is the creation of nine individual writers who joined forces to engage and entertain young minds. The authors met through Sydney’s Northern Beaches Writers’ Group. All successful writers, but with a diverse range of other jobs and interests, collaboration was always going to be a challenge. Instead of hindering the creative process, this breadth of experience instead allowed the many worlds within Into Tordon to be born. Our author talk will reveal the inner workings of our group, show how we set about tackling such an ambitious project, and invigorate both readers and aspiring writers irrespective of age.

Collaborative Writing Workshop

3-5 hrs

Writing stories can often be a daunting experience. So how about writing as a team? Into Tordon was a joint writing effort by nine authors who discovered collaboration can be challenging but extremely productive and rewarding. We will break your writers up into small groups, provide a set of parameters to inspire them, and enable each group to brainstorm a complete story. You’ll be amazed by the variety of stories and interpretations!

Zena Shapter Kingbolt Tordon Teachers Notes_Page_1

Teachers’ Notes are available on request. Click to contact us for a copy!

Curriculum Development

2 hrs

Our teachers’ notes cover the key curriculum areas of: English, Arts, History, Computers/Technology, and Music.

We want to give students the opportunity to learn with authors directly, so during our visit we will run themed activities that cover the general capabilities of: literacy, creative and critical thinking; intercultural understanding; problem solving; and ethical understanding.

Themed activities include:

• Family and friendship
• Moral Dilemmas
• Conflict Resolution
• Problem solving
• Learning about differences in culture and tradition
• Survival skills
• Safe use of technology
• Environment and sustainability

If you haven’t received your teachers’ notes, please just get in contact.



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