Who is Z.F. Kingbolt?

The short answer…


‘Z.F. Kingbolt’

Z.F. Kingbolt has had a varied career including lawyer, scientist, engineer, journalist, biologist, aid worker and teacher, so it took a while to discover that writing books was the best thing ever. A slitherphobe, Kingbolt hates snakes and burnt toast, but loves gaming, technology, geology and skateboarding.

The long answer…

Z.F. Kingbolt is actually the pseudonym for nine authors! We got together when Zena Shapter, the founder and leader of our writing group, the Northern Beaches Writers’ Group, suggested we compete in the Write-a-Book-in-a-Day challenge to raise money for The Kids’ Cancer Project. We had so much fun during the challenge, and won ‘National Best Book’ in the challenge too, that when she asked who wanted to do it again we all said, “yes!”

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Top l-r: Kirsten, Mijmark, Tony, Liz & Tracey. Bottom l-r: Kristin, Zena, Leah & Zoya.


Zena Shapter writes from a castle in a flying city hidden by a thundercloud, creating what-if worlds and adventures. She’s the winner of twelve national writing competitions, including a Ditmar Award and the Australian Horror Writers’ Association Award for Short Fiction. Her work has appeared in numerous online and print venues including the Hugo-nominated ‘Sci Phi Journal’, ‘Midnight Echo’, ‘Award-Winning Australian Writing’ (twice), and ‘Antipodean SF’. Reviewer for Tangent Online Lillian Csernica has referred to her as a writer who “deserves your attention”. She’s the founder and leader of the Northern Beaches Writers’ Group, a book creator and mentor, creative writing tutor, movie buff, traveller, wine lover and all round story nerd. Her novel “Towards White” will be published by the International Fantasy Writers’ Guild in 2017.

Role in “Into Tordon” – Author, Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Website Designer, Social Media Manager, Launch & Promotional Materials Designer, Teachers’ Notes Editor, Book Layout Designer, Glorious Leader.


Zoya Nojin is a medical scientist with a passion for writing for children. She has won multiple awards for her short stories, an ASA Mentorship with Nette Hilton and the CBCA Charlotte Waring Barton Award with JC Burke for longer works, plus had numerous stories published in The School Magazine, a number of anthologies and online. She has also participated in the Write-a-Book-in-a-Day competition, co-writing ‘A Dolphin for Naia’ and ‘Scribbles in the Dark’ with members of the NBWG in support of The Kids Cancer Project. Both won Best Book nationally. Zoya is currently immersed in the world of a middle-grade novel and she may not come out for some time.

Role in “Into Tordon” – Author, Editor, Teachers’ Notes Editor.


Kristin Prescott is a writer and journalist with twenty years’ experience. She has a passion for children’s literature and has co-authored four middle-grade novels for children. Kristin’s non-fiction writing has been published in Australia and overseas with her work appearing in literary magazines, on websites and in print anthologies. A review by the NSW Writers’ Centre of the Kindling II anthology singled out her contribution as having ‘perfection in tone’. Kristin is a regular contributor to the literary magazine Writer’s Edit, the editor of the NSW Society of Women Writer’s quarterly magazine and e-newsletter, and a Senior Writer and Producer for the Seven Network. When not writing she enjoys a great cup of coffee and playing with her two children.

Role in “Into Tordon” – Author, Teachers’ Notes Author, Launch Organiser.


Kirsten Taylor is a high school English teacher and busy mum with an overactive imagination. Having lived and worked overseas for nearly 20 years in Africa, Thailand and now Australia she has gathered plenty of material from all the amazing people and places she has encountered.

Role in “Into Tordon” – Author, Launch Organiser.


Leah Boonthanom writes about motherhood, adoption, Australian culture and international development. Her work has appeared in National Geographic special projects, ABC Radio National online, Paradise in-flight magazine, Parenting Express, Elephant Journal and more.

Role in “Into Tordon” – Author.


Tracey Jackson is a Zimbabwean-born, British-Australian writer who loves using her cultural upbringing, work and travels as inspiration for her stories. She is passionate about children’s literature and is a parent volunteer for her school’s MultiLit programme to inspire confidence in young readers.

Role in “Into Tordon” – Author.


Liz Michell is a writer and illustrator who has worked as an Art and English teacher both in Australia and the Czech Republic. With her BA Dip Ed in Visual Arts, majoring in painting and printing techniques, she has taught art in high schools and Intensive English Centres, and worked as a lecturer at the Art Gallery of NSW, in private art galleries and auction houses. Constantly inspired by the lives of those around her, Liz is now writing a family life history.

Role in “Into Tordon” – Author.


Mijmark (mïj’-mark): n, adj., adv. (1) Its origins are random. The word began to describe a quality of a contradiction of terms that became reality. (2) Speculative fiction dominates his writing themes. Not just for the possibilities of playing with an open canvas of creativity and hyperbole, not just for the figments of imagination he can and does develop into dalliance, like cooking with a list of ingredients that don’t exist: spices, fragrances, textures and succulent sumptuousness stirred, fomented, reduced, reconstructed and baked for a palette only imagined… to infinity and beyond!

Role in “Into Tordon” – Author.


Tony McFadden is a commercial and speculative fiction author with eleven novels currently on Amazon. Having lived in the US Virgin Islands, various American cities (LA, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, Fairfax), Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and now, finally (and for good), Australia – Tony has a wealth of characters and settings for his books, all of which are filled with thrills, suspense and adventure.

Role in “Into Tordon” – Author.





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